Paleontologist Xu Xing has discovered so many dinosaurs he’s lost count.

A spreadsheet he brings up on the desktop computer in his fossil-filled office in Beijing
stops at 57, but Xu says he thinks it’s more than 60.
Whatever the exact number, Xu has named more dinosaurs than any other living paleontologist, unearthing fossils in some of China’s remotest corners that have revolutionized our understanding of prehistory.
They include the 8-meter long gigantoraptor, which stood twice as high as any man and the one-fingered linhenykus that could have danced on your hand.
But it’s not just the sheer number of dinosaurs.

Xu and his Chinese colleagues have found evidence that dinosaurs were not the scaly, reptilian killers depicted in movies but feathered, furry and a lot more bird-like.

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Published: November  25, 2015

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