BBC News 2012

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China ratings firms challenge US dominance – 31 October

Cultural thirst drives China tea boom – 30 September

China banks under pressure as loans turn sour – 26 August

High Street brands look to China for profits – 15 July

Gambling boom a mixed blessing for Macau’s youth – 26 June

Asia’s wealthy fuel boom in museum construction – 28 May

London seeks lead role as China’s currency goes global – 22 May

Theatre leads battle to save dying language in Macau – 20 May

Asia traders shatter tradition to get social – 17 May

Apple plan raises bar for Chinese factories – 4 April

Hollywood plays China card – 20 March

Feuds threaten Asia’s family businesses – 18 March

Hong Kong emerges as Asia’s art capital – 2 March

iPad legal fight highlight’s China’s trademark minefield – 28 February

Hong Kong entrepreneur finds opportunity in city’s darkest moment – 26 February

Asia debates more rights for domestic workers – 20 February

The Chinese challengers to Christie’s and Sotheby’s – 30 January

Can solar power help shipping go green? – 24 January

Asia mixes old customs with making money – 17 January

Is Hong Kong really the world’s freest economy? – 12 January

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