A selection of some of the thousands of stories I wrote during the five years I spent working as a correspondent for the news agency


Adopted children rediscover Thai birthplace (pdf)– 16 July 2002

Thai refuge highlights Asia’s trafficking shame (pdf) –  6 October 2002

Hong Kong

Piano maker tunes into China’s growing middle class (pdf) – 1 July 2004

They make world’s shoes; now they want a cut; Chinese manufacturers for big-name clients are looking to build their own brands (pdf) – 27 April 2004

China grapples with pensions as iron rice bowl rusts (pdf) – 2 May 2004

Political risk clouds outlook for Hong Kong stocks  (pdf)– 15 March 2004


Reserve diversification could haunt the dollar (pdf)– 6 January 2006

US, China reach deal on clothing, textiles (pdf)– 8 November 2005

Expect dollar weakness if China named FX manipulator (pdf) – 5 May 2006

Shoppers face higher prices as EU China duties bite (pdf) – 1 June 2006

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