The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper – UK monthly publication that focuses on the art industry

No art museum in Hong Kong for two years – May 2013

German accused of art smuggling leaves China – May 2013

Brand new: The name is the game in Hong Kong – May 2013

A cooler climate blows in for art fund investment (pdf) – May 2013

Foundation in bid to save China’s vanishing villages (pdf) – May 2013

Major dealers are still opening in Hong Kong but getting business isn’t always easy (pdf) – March 2013

China debates droit de suite (pdf)– February 2013

Art market analysis: Chinese auction houses take on Sotheby’s and Christie’s in Hong Kong (pdf) – January 2013

Big (and small) fish look beyond local pool: Hong Kong galleries form new group in attempt to lure Chinese collectors (pdf) – December 2013

Christie’s sues Chinese rival over similar name – November 2012

Art market analysis: Chinese art funds seek risky road to maturity (pdf) – July/August 2012

Who will look after Kaiping’s crumbling watchtowers? (pdf)  – May 2012

Art investment proves popular in China (pdf)– May 2012

Seeking a world-class collection and the staff to curate it (pdf) – January 2012

Art market analysis: China versus the big two (pdf) – November 2011

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